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What do you want to reach in Music?

“For who doesn’t know where they are going, there is no favorable wind” This is a literal translation from the Spanish, of a section included in a book from the year 62 AD by a roman philosopher called Lucio Anneo Seneca. Just in case the translation into English makes it confusing or harder to understand, this sentence comes to say that if you don’t have an idea of what are your objectives, what is the place you want to reach… there is no way of taking advantage of what is going on around you to help your progress and evolution, and direct you to the place you would like to reach.

There are few things more important than knowing where you want to get to and what you want to build up. Having an idea of what are our objectives is invaluable when it comes to focus our efforts and get the most with the “least” amount of work and time. This applies to almost everything, and it is just as important for people that are putting their time and dedication in this beautiful but also challenging job of making music.

What do you want to reach in music? Where are you heading with your music work? For some of you this question might sound dumb, and a matter of common sense, but there’s a lot of other people (me, some time ago, included) that never asked themselves these type of questions, or never considered them seriously. So; have you ever thought seriously about what do you want to reach in music?

There are several possibilities when it comes to consider your objectives in this topic. You might find that you are simply making music for yourself, because you love it and it serves you to relax, have fun and find your inner self and your thoughts in your creations. Some of you might find a lot of satisfaction in getting into a group of like-minded artistic friends with whom to talk about your passion, share your creations and tips to improve the craft and keep the music flowing. Maybe, some of you make music for all the aforementioned reasons, plus, you also love when non-music-related folks listen to your works and enjoy them. If you are in between these group of music makers, that I would call “artists with no professional aims” defining clearly what your objectives are, can help you to set up a plan to get even more fun and satisfaction from your passion. There will be sections along this project, and also along this month’s content, where I will talk about different concepts, tools and tips that can help you in these aspects. On the other hand, there are a lot of artists out there that, when they start thinking about their musical aims and wishes, they come to the conclusion that they want to dedicate themselves fully to the task, and end up making a living from it. In other words, they would like to become professionals of the music world. Some want to be professional performing artists, others want to be songwriters, session players, composers, producers, mix engineers… If you suspect you are in this group of “artists with professional aims”, for you it is especially important to, sooner rather than later, take some time to ponder your thoughts and feelings regarding to this question. If, after doing so, the wish of becoming a professional musician is still there, you have to take the conscious determination of this huge goal, and start taking actions and building up a plan to reach your objective.

Being a professional artist is hard job, and building up the way to becoming a professional artist can be even harder, because you need to balance your normal non-artistic-life with the hard job of making music (and fighting for this music) in a professional or, at least, semiprofessional level. Being a professional artist also means talking about money, even if we, artists, tend to hate linking the music with the business. But if you want to make a living from your music, you should be working over a budget, and invest money on the way with the idea of getting a return. Thus, being a professional artist also means being very aware of how the music business works, and what business tools you can apply to your efforts to increase the success of your promotional campaigns, increment your reach and build up an organic, dedicated fan base. Being a professional artist, sadly, also requires leaving behind the idea that just by making awesome music you will find your way. The cases of artists where something like this happened are rare and exceptional, outcome of a series of very lucky successions of facts. The good news is that if your music is awesome, and you are committed to your goals, dedicated, thorough and hard worker, you can really reach your dream. And the other good news is that all what I am studying (and I will be studying the next 4 years…), and what I will be sharing in this project, are concepts and insights focused in helping artists to make the most of their careers. And I am very excited about building up this dreamy project with you!

But, first things first, because we will have plenty of time to talk about business! For now, let’s go back to the topic of this post, and the introduction of this first section of contents in KiMi’S Music Dream: After answering yourself what do you want to reach with your music, can you guess what is the second essential question you should be able to clearly respond? No? Well, the second essential question you have to asses is: where are you now? Along the following weeks I will be posting materials aimed to go deeper through the complicated task of defining yourself as an artist. I will talk about the concepts of artistic identity, artistic vision and intention. I will do my best to show you how important it is to have these concepts in place when the time comes to define your artistic project, and how powerful they are, also, when it comes to focus a marketing plan to increase the chances of success of your musical projects. In between, take some time to think about where you want to take your music work and what you want to achieve. Haven't you heard several times the question of “where do you see yourself in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?” Have you thought about it regarding to your music plans? Let me know your perspectives! Take care, keep making amazing music and listening to awesome tunes! Thanks so much for being here, I hope you found in this topic a source of light and motivation. We'll talk again soon! ^^ Best, KiMi

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