• Kireina Michan

Returning to Europe!

Hello everybody!

I wanted to write a short post, to let all of you know the reason why I am off everything: At the beginning of July, my family and I decided that the COVID is something that is not going to pass by any soon, and thus, I should be returning to Europe as soon as possible. I had already decided that I was going to go back soon.ish, but the COVID situation just precipitated everything and messed up a lot of my initial plans, since I have to organize all my moving at once (cats included), because Japan doesn't allow non Japanese people to return to Japan even if we are legit residents. This required me to turn my focus totally on preparing to move back, because having only one chance to leave everything settled when I leave the country, is quite of a nightmare. I found myself only being able to handle my time for keeping up (badly) with my job duties and my assignment deadlines in college... the rest of my energy and time is going for the "moving logistics" themselves. I can't wait to get back in Europe and start focusing fully in my new life. I will have plenty of time to focus in my studies, make music and start to build up my music related career! I hope to resume my music collabs, my youtube channel, social media and so on, once I get back. I won't believe it when I see myself back in Europe with my cats and settled at home! And with so many exciting projects ahead! Until then, take a lot of care and keep making awesome music and keeping your dreams alive! Best, Ale

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