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KiMi'S Music Dream - The Journey Begins

Hello everybody! My name is Ale, but in social media everybody knows me as Kireina Michan or KiMi.

How I ended up with this name will be matter of a post, but today I would like to introduce you to this super exciting project that I am just starting, and that I have called: “KiMi’s Music Dream”.

I love music, and I have the luck to know many amazing artists that are making really great tunes (there's much talent is “lost” in the waves of the net). A lot of these artists get very frustrated because their music doesn't get the reach and the listeners it deserves. In many cases, when this happens, these artists end up thinking that they are not good enough, and lose a lot of motivation and aims of keep working and developing their craft. Of course, if you want to make it in music, you have to prioritize, over everything, the quality and uniqueness of your work: it has to sound amazing, and you need to reflect on it all the peculiarities that make it special and different from the music produced by other artists. This is a hard job, but most of the artists understand the importance of this aspect, and they thoroughly work it out on their daily music efforts. What they often forget or tend to leave aside is the huge load of work on the other side of the “music making” job: the business side of the music. This includes topics such as music promotion and marketing, efforts required to build up a fan base and develop an “artist brand”, and many other components that one needs to put in place to increase the probability of their music to succeed. As I said, I love music, and I really trust on the indie artists out there, and on their work. I really wish them the best, but I have realized there's, in general, a lack of understanding of the business side of this fascinating music world. For these reasons I decided to do something a little bit crazy. At the age of 32, after building up a career in a totally different field (science research), I decided to go back to college and start studying all these business components that a lot of artists find complex or tiring. I committed myself to build up the necessary skills to help artists to get the most of their music careers. And working on this would be a dream for me. For this reason I joined a program on Music Business and Music Production and Technology in the online division of the Berklee College of Music. I started in January, and I still I have 4 years of studies ahead and thousands of things to learn, understand and experience. But so far I have already learnt a lot of tips and concepts that I think could serve artists really well in reaching their goals. That is why I started “KiMi’s Music Dream”. I want to share with you the insights about what I am learning. Share all the interesting things that I am starting to understand, and that I think all the artists should have in mind in the sake of their musical projects. By doing this, I hope to help you as much as I can within my possibilities. Also, by getting more in touch with you, I hope to develop a first hand idea of the type of challenges and problems you face day to day in your musical efforts.

I plan to work around one topic of interest per month, and along that month, I will try to complement that concept with different material: videos, articles, interviews to other artists, etc. In between, I also want to share my own musical projects and the ones of the artists I have the luck to work with. This will be a full learning process for me. I will get better on the road… but I promise to always do my best to provide you with interesting and helpful information. I would be extremely happy if, thanks to this project, some of you get the impulse to go a little bit further in your music path. And, of course, I hope I can make a lot of really great friends and find amazing music on the way! If you want to join me in this journey: keep tuned, subscribe to my email list, follow me in social media and Youtube… and take a lot of care in these complicated times! This is it for now. Thanks so much for reading and being here! It means a lot! Don't hesitate to drop comments and tell me what you think about all this "madness"! ^^ Best, KiMi

**P.D. I have recorded a personal video about this intro topic, and it is published in my Youtube channel. Just in case some of you want to check it up! :)

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