• Kireina Michan

I made it home!

Hello everybody! I am very happy to announce that I made it back in Spain, all the way from Japan, in the middle of the COVID times, with a lot of uncertainty, but also with a lot of illusion and energy to start this new stage. It is taking me a while to get used to be at home. There are so many issues I have to solve to get settled, and I also a few projects to close in my previous job. But all seems to be getting under control, finally.

How does life look like for me now? A great summary would be saying that it is scary but exciting. I will take a year to focus in building up a new career and specialize in a few interesting fields. I am almost done with my professional certificate in Artist Management, and I am also studying Music Production and Technology, to get more insights in the production side of the music, together with the business world. I want to help artists to build up a career out of their music, being able to support them focusing their objectives and making their goals a reality. I want to work with them with the marketing of their music and their branding, and being able to guide them to take the best decisions in the legal side of music (the power of licensing!). I love the creative, and also experimental component that the branding and marketing strategies require, and I really want to become the best professional in those aspects. For these reasons, from January I am starting a master degree in Digital Marketing and Content Management, that follows up with four modules in Design and Motion Graphics. In Berklee I will keep with my Music Business studies, trying to focus in an area of the industry called "Music Supervision", that is centered in the art of combining music with visual media. In parallel with my studies I plan to keep my KiMi'S Music Dream project ongoing, and I am preparing materials for you, related to the materials I have been learning in my courses during the last year, and that I hope will be useful and interesting for you all. I will also retake the videos related to this content, and I will be the happiest if some of you find them interesting and helpful for your career.

I am looking forward getting back "online" and start building this project with you.

And that is all for now. Another half sleepless night studying is awarding... as said, I have been so busy settling down in Spain, that I had not time even for keep my studies and assignments under the schedule! Hopefully by the end of the week everything will be again on track! Take care, stay healthy. And thanks so much for being there. Regards from the green and magic Galicia, KiMi :)

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