KiMi'S Portfolio

This is an overview of KiMi'S Music Related activities in the last years, where I feature the different aspects of music I have been working on in order to build up KiMi'S Music Dream.
This area is under construction, I am adding content and exploring the different tools available to display this work in the most satisfying manner! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Music Covers

This is a collection of Music/Song Covers designed for different musical projects, for myself or different artists.
I love photography and photo edition, and linking design with a particular song idea is one of my favorite activities int he world.
My main design tools are photo images, taken by myself or the artist I am working with, or found in royalty free image banks, and different photo edition programs.
I always discuss with the artist the ideas for the cover and the concept underlying the music to be presented, style preferences, etc, in advance. I am always delighted to work with different artists and help them, whilst I keep learning, gaining experience and unleashing my creativity! If you need help with your creative ideas and you think my style can suit your project, don't hesitate to contact me!