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From Neuroscience to Music... and marketing!

Kireina Michan is a neuroscience researcher that, at the age of 31 discovered that her love for music was really strong, and decided to give it a serious try. She started by collaborating with other musicians as lyricist and vocalist, and after a year she decided to re-focus her career towards music by starting studies in Music Business and Music Production and Technology in Berklee College of Music. Now she is studying the "business" components of the music career path (music marketing, branding, artist management, copyright, touring, licensing, publishing...),and building up professional skills in music production (music analysis, microphone techniques, mixing, mastering, etc) . With her studies in Berklee she discovered a great motivation for marketing and decided to deepening in the field by joining a masters degree program in Digital Marketing, Design and Motion Graphics in CEI Design School, in Madrid. She would like to work helping artists to get the most out of their careers. She is also looking forward to becoming a great professional in Marketing, and learning as much as she can about how to apply that knowledge in the benefit of the creative industries. In the meantime, she keeps working as lyricist and vocalist with other artists, and collaborates in different projects dedicated to the promotion of independent artists: radio presenter in the online radio Radio TFSC, and music writer in the american page LGTWO. In the last months she has been also working in the development of a cultural association for the promotion of the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), and fomenting the dialogue between arts and technology, about which she will be able to talk further very soon.  Don't hesitate to contact her if you want more information or there's a project where she could help. She is starting a new, unpredictable and exciting journey and it would be a great pleasure to share it with you all!

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December 3, 2020

I am super glad to announce that I have started to produce a radio program in Radio TFSC with my great friend Oli. We will be talking about indie music, introducing new bands, interviewing artists and much more! AleOli Music Sauce, every Thursday at 21:00 CET (changed to Wednesday on Dec 23 and Dec 30!). Join us for a lot of fun and cool music in Radio TFSC

I made it home!!

October 28, 2020

After a huge journey I made it home. I am so happy to be here starting a brand new page in my life. Do you want to know a little more?

I made it in Spain!.jpg


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